“I am Harper’s father, Jason. By the time Harper was born, I was already a huge supporter of Rhino Revolution, so once she arrived, loving animals was very natural for her.

I went to South Africa and visited Rhino Revolution for myself and witnessed the amazing work they were doing, not just with rhino, but also with the surrounding community and I was very pleased to be part of it as a volunteer. 

The photo above, is of Harper when she was a baby and became Rhino Revolution’s youngest supporter and below is when she was a little bit older.

 After I returned home, Harper loved hearing about the Lucky 5 and followed their story right up till they were released. Even now, she asks about any updates on them.

She loves wearing the shirts and still carries her Rhino Revolution Ubuntu teddy around. She also really enjoys the book, Ubuntu Summer of The Rhino – although she has not seen the two new ones.

Although we live in New Zealand we are really pleased that through Crash Crusaders all children can learn how to help rhinos for their future.

Below is a recent photo of Harper, still supporting Rhino Revolution with her trusty companion, Yogi the dog. “

Thanks Jason for letting us share the photos of Harper.

Well done Harper, we love to see you growing up and sharing your love of rhinos.

If you love rhinos too, we’d love to hear your stories, so don’t forget to send them in to us, so you can be featured on the Crash.

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