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If you’d like to know more about Rhinos and what you can do to stop them becoming extinct, then you’ve come to the right place!


EVERYONE can do something to help, doesn’t matter how old or young you are or where you live! We have loads of ideas for you to help you make a difference and save the rhinos on our planet.



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Who are we?

Rhino Rescue UK

Firstly, let us tell you about Rhino Rescue UK and how we first started.

In January 2017, our charity – Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. was set up because of the growing numbers of rhinos being poached in the Greater Kruger Area in South Africa.  Our aim was to try to make sure that there would be rhino in the area for future generations.

In January 2024 the charity rebranded as Rhino Rescue UK

More about how we do this to come – keep checking the website for more information.

This is the amazing Rhino Revolution South Africa rehabilitation team,
They are one of the organisations we have been able to support in South Africa.

If you see the binoculars icon on a page, it means you can search the Crash for the answers or information you need.

Words in downloads written in pale green can be found on our rhino glossary.

Rhino Rangers

We have an online Ranger who will be available to answer any questions you may have about rhinos.
Ranger’s Report are available – articles about rhinos and conservation which you may have questions about
or which might make you think of other ways that you can help.

We will feature special guests and guest articles too and we will even have direct contacts in the bush and at the rehabilitation centre in Africa along with ‘bush updates’ for lots of exciting news .

Hi, my name is Suzan. I live in Scotland and I used to be a nurse. My love for Rhinos began when I visited South Africa for a holiday and everywhere I went people told me that rhinos would soon be extinct if the world didn’t change. I HAD to do something.

Introducing our Ambassadors

We are delighted to have on board our first three ambassadors, brothers Alexander & Edward, who are both actors and love rhinos and Ava, who is doing a fantasic job telling everyone about rhinos and raising lots of funds to help them.


Alexander Molony


Ava Barker


Edward Molony


Talks & Presentations



We are also available to do free talks and presentations about rhinos and conservation for schools and other groups such as brownies and scouts. Please get a teacher or group leader to email us if they would like to discuss this option.

Parents, please be assured that the members of the Crash team interacting with children on this website have been DBS checked and the website has been constructed to be compliant with GDPR-K & COPPA.

So who is the magnificent Black Rhino

who opens “The Crash”?


This magnificent male or bull has the nickname of Jock the Destroyer !

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

“ Rhino Rescue UK believes that free access to education that both clearly explains the very real risk of losing rhinos from our planet, and the intrinsic wonder of the species, is an imperative for all young people. By empowering our children to be proactive about conservation our continued quest to secure rhinos for the next generation is in safer hands.”

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