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‘Mhelembe, the Rhino Totem’ explores the ancient idea of totems or spirit animals common in many populations throughout the world and centres around the rescue of an orphaned rhino. It is based on the real, ongoing work of Rhino Revolution in South Africa.

A simpler rhyming version of the story, called ‘Mhelembe, a Rhino Tale’  is also available for younger children to enjoy.

You can find a worksheet and a comprehension sheet in our resources section.


Enjoy this preview of ‘Did you ever see a pangolin?’

This fun book is written in rhyme and aims to teach children about this endangered species. Returning to the values and folklore of ancestors, it helps to remind us of the true worth of the world’s most trafficked animal. The illustrations were created from real photographs, showing the magic of this wonderful little creature.

We have some books, t-shirts, water bottles and other merchandise suitable for kids.

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