Rhino Glossary

Big Five – the term for the five big animals in Africa which people want to see on safari- lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo.

Browser – a rhino that eats from trees and bushes,

Bull – Male Rhino

Calf – Baby Rhino

Captivity – this refers to animals in a zoo.

Carnivore – an animal which eats only. meat

Conservation – protection of things found in nature.

Cow – Female Rhino

De-horn – the removal of a rhinos horn with a chainsaw, while it is sedated.

Dominant – the strongest one, who is in charge.

Ecosystem – all living things including plant and animals which live in a certain area.

Extinct – when a species dies out, so there are non left on the planet.

Fertile soil – soil which has lots of nutrients (the good stuff needed to make thing grown), so is good for plants.

Germination – when a seed develops into a plant.

Grazer – a rhino that eats grass.

Herbivore – An animals which eat only plants

Keratin – the stuff from which rhino horns and your hair and nails are made.

Keystone species – an animal that has a big effect on its environment, even if there aren’t large numbers of them.  Their ecosystem depends on them and would change if they weren’t there.

Midden – a pile of rhino dung (or poo)

Mutualistic relationship – a symbiotic relationship where both species benefit e.g. an Oxpecker eating the ticks off a rhino

Parasites – small creatures which live on other, usually larger animals, such as ticks or fleas.

Parasitic relationship – where one species benefits, but may harm the other. e.g. a tick on a rhino. The parasite is normally small and irritating.

Omnivore – an animal which eats both plants and other animals.

Poaching – illegal killing of animals to sell things like horns, tusks, scales and skins or as bush meat.

Predators – Animals which hunt other animals for food.

Rehabilitation – to make a rhino fit and strong again

Re-wild – to release an animal back intothe wild after rehabilitation.

Sedation – Medicine which makes the rhino go to sleep for a while, so vets and rhino teams can help the rhino.

Solitary – lives alone

Species – a word for a type of living thing e.g. humans, dogs, cats

Spoor – animal tracks or footprints

Symbolic relationship – when two different species live together.

Territory – the area a rhino calls home and protects from other rhinos.

Undigested – food which hasn’t been absorbed by the body of an animal e.g. seeds which pass through an animal and stay as whole seeds in their dung.

Vetan animal doctor

Vet Nurse – an animal nurse

Wallowing – rolling in the mud

Waterhole – a hollow in the ground which collects water. It is a place for animals to drink and bathe.

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