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We are part of Rhino Rescue UK and an educational portal about rhino conservation called “the Crash”. 



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  1. Our websites, apps and services always default to strict privacy settings and user anonymisation from installation or first-visit.
  2. We acknowledge that persistent technical identifiers such as IP addresses, cookie IDs and device IDs are personal data.
  3. We do not track nor allow our partners to track children across internet services, nor do we engage in or knowingly enable the profiling of children via fingerprinting or by any other method.
  4. We do not allow behavioural or interest-based advertising directed at children, retargeting or attribution tracking of children.
  5. Any data we collect from our users is strictly de-identified and cohort-based, and never shared with third parties other than contracted processing partners.
  6. We only use third-party services if they (a) are designed to not collect personal data; or (b) can be filtered through technology that removes all personal data; or (c) are contractually prohibited from processing, aggregating, or accessing kids’ personal data for any reason other than to support our internal operations.
  7. We only use third party analytics which are wholly anonymised and solely for the purpose of improving the product experience for end users, including but not limited to User Interface, Interaction Design, Content Consumption, Learning and Game Progression.
  8. We never allow adult social media plug-ins or embedded code that require user logins, drop cookies, or transmit personal data including persistent identifiers to third parties.




  1. When hosting communities of children, we encourage positive social behaviour and apply strong community management practices to minimise risks.
  2. We use best available technologies to verify the age of our users, and to limit children’s access to age-appropriate content only.
  3. We do not encourage children to provide unnecessary personal data or to weaken or turn off their privacy protections.
  4. We build security measures into our products to mitigate the risk of children interacting with strangers or having their devices compromised by revealing their location or giving access to their microphone or camera for network transmission.


Content Moderation


  1. We aim for maximum transparency and disclosure in our communication with children and their parents. We provide clear, prominent notices of our intent and our data collection practices in language that children can understand.
  2. Where automated moderation doesn’t provide guaranteed safety, we ensure all content likely to be seen by kids has been vetted by a human, and that user-generated content (such as comments) and content discovery algorithms are filtered by human pre-moderation.
  3. We follow best practices to ensure any advertising seen by our audience complies with established guidelines from CARU for US markets, CAP Code for the UK markets, or the equivalent applicable industry code. We do not allow links from kid-safe ads or content to websites and apps that are not appropriate for children.


Parental Involvement


  1. We respect the role of parents in their children’s education and safety, and we avoid undermining parental authority in our messaging to kids.
  2. We use transparent, clear notices to inform parents about how our services are funded, including through the use of in-app purchases, subscriptions or advertising, and where appropriate we encourage them to practice oversight of their children’s internet usage.
  3. We neither collect nor share personal data from children unless we have obtained consent of the parent in accordance with the standards set by COPPA or GDPR’s Article 8, as appropriate.
  4. Where relevant we provide easy-to-use tools to empower parents to oversee and manage their children’s activity within our app or service. Where feasible we seek to let the child know when we are engaging in this way with their parents.
  5. We provide readily accessible means for parents to contact us and we provide simple mechanisms for enabling parents to exercise their legal rights and those of their children, including means to update, correct or delete personal data held on them.




This will include for example, your name, postal address and email.

We need signed permission from a parent or guardian, before we collect any personal information. Please get your responsible adult to print off and sign this form and return a scanned copy to us by email to

If you’re under 16 years old, if possible, we’d really like you to tell your parent or guardian that you are talking to us about Rhino Revolution UK and our work. In that way we can all work together. You’ll need to read our full privacy policy to learn more about the way we collect and use your data. But first here’s the really important stuff.

The law says we must protect your information, not share it with anyone we haven’t told you about, and only keep it for as long as we need it. Rhino Revolution UK is a data controller and is responsible for your personal information when we collect it. We make sure we abide by the laws that ensure data is processed fairly, lawfully and with accountability.



Welcome to Rhino Revolution UK, we hope you enjoy learning more about the conservation and wildlife we support. Before we send you any information that you may have requested, we must tell you about how we deal with your personal information.




The Crash is the Educational portal of Rhino Revolution UK Charity No 1178155. The reason we process your data is to keep you informed of our work supporting wild animals. We will not use your data for any other reason. If we send you information by email we will do so with your agreement (consent). If we post you some updates, we’ll probably use our Legitimate Interest. This is when it might be in the best interests of Rhino Revolution UK and the animals we support to keep you updated. More details about this can be found on our website.


We do not transfer your data outside of the European Economic area and we have no plans to do so in the future. It is kept very safely in the UK. We only collect the data we require. This will include your name, age, postal address, school you attend and email account.


We only keep your data for as long as is necessary and regularly review this. We have clear guidelines on this important aspect of your personal information.


If you ever decide you don’t want us to keep your data, we promise we’ll delete it straightaway, just let us know













The Crash