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Crash Crusaders

Talks and Presentations 

We offer talks and presentations and rhinos and conservation to lots of different groups. If you would like us to come and talk at your school or clubs, please ask the adult in charge to contact us to see if we can arrange a visit.

Join Us

You can become a member of ‘The Crash’ and share what you learn about rhinos with others.

When you join, you will become a 

 Crash Crusader

There are 3 levels of membership.


You need your parents permission, as we will need some of your personal details from you, so that we can to send you your membership pack, etc.

Click on the link and get a parent or guardian complete the form.

We look forward to welcoming you to the crash.

Your membership number is unique and every month, it will be entered into our monthly prize draw which will be published on our Ranger Report.

So keep you membership number handy, to check each month if you are our lucky winner.

If you are a winner, contact us at crashcrusaders@rhinorevolution.org.uk to claim your prize.

A new lucky  membership number will be drawn and announced at the beginning of every month in our Ranger Report.

Some items included in the membership packs.

Level 1 – White Rhino


You will receive our welcome letter, a certificate with your membership number on it (this number will allow you a 5% discount in our Rhino Revolution UK online merchandise shop), and 5 very important Crash Cards with your very own Crusader Clip to keep them on.


White Rhino Level

When you get the Crash Cards, each one will have a picture of one our first 5 rhino calves we managed to support through rescuing, rehabilitating and rewilding.

We ask you to pick your favourite one, clip it onto your school bag and then pass the other 4 onto your friends (This is you starting to help by sharing information) and ask your friends to join us too and if they do, you will be on your way to reaching level 2 (Black Rhino Level) and then you have 2 other tasks to complete.


  • You must have invited and have at least 4 friends join and become Crash Crusaders.
  • You must organise an activity, presentation or small fundraiser for Rhino Revolution UK and provide evidence of this having taken place – for example a photo, certificate or email from a parent or teacher. Examples of what you might be able to do can be found in the resources section and at this level it can be with just your family.

You should also have taken part in one of our fun competitions that we will be running.




When you reach this level you will receive a Crash Crusaders badge, a silver coloured rhino pin, a further 10 Crash Cards and 10% discount in our online merchandise shop.

Black Rhino Level

Level 2 – Black Rhino



  • We ask that you pass these crash cards on to 10 more friends to further raise awareness about the rhinos.
  • You must also complete a new fundraiser – different to the one you completed previously. You must provide evidence of this having taken place – for example a photo or certificate.
  • You must also give a talk/presentation to a group of people for example school/brownie or scout group/birthday party. This doesn’t have to be a long talk, it just needs YOU to tell a group of people you know about the rhinos and what you and they can do to help. You must provide evidence of this having taken place – for example a photo or certificate.
  • You should have taken part in at least 2 competitions on our website.
  • You will have created a post for our website – it can be anything to do with rhinos or conservation or even a little piece about one of the activities you have completed telling everyone how easy it was to do!

Level 3 – Sumatran Rhino





If your 10 friends joined us after you gave them Crash Cards you received when you reached level 2 and you completed the other 4 tasks then you will have reached Sumatran Rhino level. You will receive a Crash Crusaders t-shirt, a gold coloured rhino pin and 15% discount in our online merchandise shop.


Sumatran Rhino Level


We currently have 3 amazing ambassadors standing up for rhinos:

Actors Alexander & Edward Molony, and Ava Barker, who has already done so much to raise funds and speak out about rhinos.

 You can join them and be invited to be an ambassador too.

This select few will have shown commitment to the crash and will become ambassador members. You will get free tickets to the Crash & Rhino Revolution UK events, and become a member of the Crash team, as well as receive a special gift.

We hope our ambassadors will become spokespeople for the rhino and conservation.

* P&P is free within the UK, but we will need to charge for international postage. Thanks for understanding.

The Crash