We hope you have all had a good Summer holiday and are looking forward to the new term. We have a few things to share with you, and will have a new Ranger Report coming soon.


Our dog, Vulcan, is coming along with his training.

He is on week three of his intensive training with the Protrack guards and Phillip from Rhino Revolution, who is learning how to handle Vulcan – all funded by Rhino Revolution UK

Thank you to everyone for your support in being able to get this magnificent animal added to our team on the ground helping us to protect and conserve rhino in the wild.


We have done tests on this black rhino cow to try and help her to have a baby.

The vet has suggested that we she gets medicine using  “drop-out” darts, so we don’t have to disturb her too much and we will see how she is doing in a few weeks.

As black rhino are Critically Endangered – every rhino counts. Fingers crossed that we can find out why she hasn’t had another calf and can help to make that happen.


We teach children about rhinos and wildlife in South AFrica as well as in the UK.

Here are some photos of one of the sessions that was held with our team in South Africa.

Our team mate, Karabo, told us that the lesson was about the Big Five. She arranged some fun the activities.

One of the activites was a quiz game where Karabo put the children into groups. She then played the sound made by an animal. Each group had to raise a hand to guess which animal it was. The correct answer gots 2 points.  She then picked a group to tell her a random fact about that animal, they got another 2 points if it was right.  If they got it wrong, the other groups got the points. The group with the most points won.

The team had a great day with the children talking about animals.

Why don’t you write down some facts and try a similar game with your friends?

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