Who is Jock?

Jock the Destroyer

Jock is the dominant rhino on the reserve and who would dare to argue with him? He is a prime example of bicornis minor with a temper to match!

A couple of years ago he was being held in a boma (a strong wooden paddock or holding area) while he underwent some medical tests.

His breakfast had been cut in large branches and were in the back of a pick up truck outside his enclosure ready to be hung over to him to browse. He could smell his meal and became impatient. He launched himself out of the enclosure! Our brave vet nurse at the time was concerned for the small white rhino orphans in the next paddock. She blocked his path to them with the vehicle. He killed the vehicle.


A vet was called who darted him from a rooftop. As he fell with the anaesthetic he brought over the water tower!! He was safely moved back into a stronger enclosure and the sedative reversed – with vet and vet nurse climbing up the walls to escape him.

He is now living a happy and wild life – protected securely on our reserve.

But he still does not like vehicles……

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