Activities & Fundraising Ideas

We have lots of of ideas and activities which you can use for fun fundraising events.

We love to see what you have been up, and with a parent’s permission, you can let us know what you’ve been doing and send photos of your events and whatever you have created, so we can include you in our gallery.

How to set up a Just Giving Event to raise funds

  • Go to
  • Select ‘A Charity’
  • Type in Rhino Rescue UK
  • Scroll down to Charities where you will see Rhino Rescue UK and press Select
  • Select the option ‘Doing your own thing’
  • Complete details of the event and select ‘Create your page’
  • Tell your supporters that you are a Crash Crusader raising money for Rhino Rescue UK, and tell them what you are doing and why.
  • Share your just-giving event with your friends to get sponsorship and good luck with your event.


We really appreciate your fundraising efforts!  Thanks so much for your support.

At Home

Have a family ‘Danceathon’! Get everyone up and moving – each person pays £2 and get everyone dancing! The person who lasts the longest gets half the total amount and RRUK gets the other half!

Sponsored Bean or Pea eating! Get sponsored for every bean or pea you can eat by using only CHOPSTICKS!!

Have a Bake Sale! Enjoy improving your baking skills and set up a stall at your front door/garage. When people come to buy you can tell them all about the rhinos as well as making some more pennies to help.

At School

Hold a class sale – Ask your teacher if you may organise this. Dig out any things that you’ve used/played with and I’m sure that someone else will enjoy doing the same. Not only will you be raising the much needed funds for rhinos but you will be sharing how important it is that we do something to help! Winner winner chicken dinner!!

Organise a ‘Rhino Day’. This is where we can help! If you’re school agree then we can come into school and make the whole day – ALL ABOUT RHINOS! That way everyone at school becomes more aware and hopefully there will be some who will join you at Crash Crusaders to help.




At Clubs/Groups

Earn Badges at your clubs. What about your nature or animal lover badge? How about Leadership badge, baking badge, networking badge…you name it and you could use your love of rhinos to earn badges and both help to raise awareness and funds.


Organise a ‘No Litter Day’. Get sponsored for tidying up your local park, playground, classroom or beach.


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