Your Letters and Questions

Here you can find emails which have been sent to us

and the answers to some questions we have been asked.

Dear Ranger Suz, I’m so glad that Rhino Revolution UK has opened up a part of their website just for us! I hear stories on tv about the poor rhinos being poached and always wonder if there is anything I can do to help. I will be trying to get as many of my friends to join and maybe we can organise something as soon as lockdown is over. Rachel Campbell Aged 10 years.

Dear Rachel,

I’m really looking forward to receiving your completed Crash Crusader membership form and we look forward to seeing how you and your friends get on with rhino activities.

Ranger Suz 🦏

This is Ava, her mum sent us this video. Ava and her friends are raising money for rhinos. We will follow up on how they are doing next month.

Ranger Suz 🦏

Hi Ranger Suz, I would like to do a quiz online with my friends all about rhinos. Maybe we could pay £1 each and give half to the winner and half to help the rhinos. Do you have any questions that I could use? 

– Graham Baker Aged 12

Dear Graham,

I’m so glad that you are thinking of ways to help the rhinos! I will be posting some quizzes in our Resources Section that you may want to pick some questions from. There will be easy ones and some quite tricky ones! It’s always good to have a mixture. Let us know how you get on won’t you? And we’d love to see some photos of you quizzing (as long as you all have your parents’ permission for us to post them of course!)

Ranger Suz 🦏

I was watching a programme with my mummy and there was a baby rhino on it. He was very sad as his mummy had died. But there was some people who came and took him to the rhino hospital and he got better. I wanted to find out more about rhinos so I asked my mummy to help me and she found The Crash.

– Susan Cooper Aged 5

Dear Susan,

I hope you find everything you need to know about rhinos on our website. If there is anything else you would like to ask, please just send me your question.

Ranger Suz 🦏

The Crash